Where in the World, Part 1

Couple shopping

Being in the heart of the Diamond District in New York, a lot of people pass by our doors celebrating a special occasion. Like the couple to the right. They’re happy and excited. I meet people at every stage of their lives, from every walk of life, every profession, every nationality and from all over the world. It’s no surprise, and yet, I’m often amazed by it all.

The international customers are truly special. You name the country, I bet a Cohen Bros. Jewelry piece has been there. Where in the world it’s been, sometimes gives me pause. I especially appreciate the long-distance calls that leads to a few emails that leads to an electronic purchase and then, I ship to wherever they are in the world.

Lately, I’m excited when they say, “I saw a ring on your website.” Now, that’s pretty cool for us who came *ahem* a “little” late to the online world.

So, we started to wonder. How far and wide has Cohen Bros. Jewelry gone? The list reads like a United Nations roster. But, rather than share it in a simple list, we’re working on an Interactive Map for our website (fancy, huh?). Keep checking back, and make sure we have your city and state or country represented.

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