When a daughter graduates college….

My daughter, Jaqi, graduated college this year. Wow.

Gary and Jaqi

When it was getting close to the actual day, I had the sudden realization that my little one was going out on her own, for real. It’s the real deal and you can’t help but wonder how it went so fast. She’s on her way and I couldn’t be more proud.

Even though after graduation Jaqi will be setting a new path in life, I expect she’ll still maintain certain traditions.

It reminds me of times children and grandchildren of my Dad and Uncle’s customers visit the shop. A tradition in itself. They are often so excited to tell me their mom, dad, sister, brother or grandparent were Cohen Bros. customers for their own special occasion. For graduations especially,  jewelry gifts tend to become family heirlooms.

Both for Jaqi’s graduation and when long-time customers visit the shop, it’s turn-back-the-clock for a moment, but it’s the present in such a real way too.

Congratulations to all the recent graduates and their families.

– Gary

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