What To Do With Old Jewelry

Trading-in diamonds is one thing you can do with old jewelry. Another is to to keep the diamonds and remodel, reset or restyle them into something new. Here are some ways our clients have made great use of old diamonds:

Remodel jewelry for sentimental reasons 

  • A client inherited an old diamond cocktail ring from her grandmother. It’s vintage but she wasn’t ever going to wear it. We took out all of the diamonds and used them to make a tennis bracelet. Now, this client has a piece of jewelry she loves and still has the diamonds that her grandmother wore.

Your tastes or styles have changed over time, it’s time for a new look

  • Resetting engagement rings are a great way to make them new again. Clients like to change it up to a new style, whether it’s going from gold to platinum or a just a new setting. The diamonds are reset and they spend a fraction of the price than if they’d bought it new.


Jewelry pieces left over from a divorce or breakup

  • Like I mentioned in my previous post, some clients like to get some value out of an old relationship – why not use the diamonds for something new? I’ve helped clients take a diamond that was in a ring they didn’t want to wear anymore and reset it into a pendant. Sometimes, I match a round diamond up to make a pair of studs.


If you decide you want to consider a change for your own jewelry hiding in the jewelry box, come on in. I can remodel and revamp your jewelry to give it a new look. Don’t worry if it seems small or insignificant, those diamonds are best suited to be worn not hidden.

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