We’re headed for stardom…

Cohen Bros. Jewelry has been in business for over 45 years.  In all that time, the only form of marketing we did was word-of-mouth, passers by and my yearly calendar.  Being in person at the shop was a common necessity. Of course, the whole idea that jewelry could be sold any other way besides in person was a foreign concept for my uncle and father before me. But, today, some of my clients are from the farthest reaches of earth and we’ve never even met, thanks to the ingenious invention of email.

Well, finally, we figured that after all these years, it would be nice to be online too.

So, what did we do first? A Facebook fanpage, but of course. The mere mention I might join Facebook to my kids was usually met with laughter and guffaws. Then, a fanpage went up and before you know it, its my kids’ friends that are “liking” us first. Ironic, huh?

For the sake of sharing, here’s our link:  http://

Now that we’ve joined the millions on Facebook, it’s as if we were headed for stardom…Who would have guessed it?

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