Grandma Knows Best

A few years ago two of my mother’s best friends came in to see me, Millie and Annette. I have known them for pretty much my entire life and it was great to see them. However, this was more than just a social visit.

Millie said that she wanted to buy each of her four granddaughters a piece of jewelry. She was thinking of getting one a pair of diamond studs, another a diamond bracelet, another a diamond pendant and another a pearl necklace. Annette turned to Millie and said,

“You are asking for trouble!  You know what girls are like.  If you get them each something different they will all want what the other one has!  You have to buy all four EXACTLY the same thing or no one will be happy!”  

That was very good advice. Millie ended up buying each of the girls exactly the same diamond bracelet and the girls loved them.

I have told that story many times over the years and anyone who has a daughter or a granddaughter can relate.

Cohen Bros Jewelry NY Matching Diamond Pendants

Just a few weeks ago, a very lovely customer of mine called from Florida and said that she’d like to buy her twin granddaughters each a beautiful piece of jewelry for their high school graduations. She was thinking of buying one a pair of diamond studs and the other a diamond pendant.  I then told her the story of Millie and Annette and she agreed immediately. She ended up buying each of them a teardrop diamond pendant…and I’m told they were a huge hit!

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