Diamonds are a MAN’s Best Friend

So, here we are, just a few days before Christmas, followed by New Years soon after. Did you know that many people get engaged around this time of year? Oh yes. And what better way to honor that tradition than to buy a Diamond Ring.

Marilyn Monroe’s enchanting song, “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend,” couldn’t be more true. But, being behind the jewelry counter right now, I’m telling you – diamonds are also Man’s Best Friend! Wonderful guys are walking in every day,engagement ring, boxsometimes two at a time. They want just the right stone, the right setting, the right cut. We pine over it together.

We pick the ring. And, then, a big sigh of relief comes…The best part during the holidays – some of the guys think that means they don’t need to buy their special someone a holiday gift. Do you agree?


As I write this, I remember an unusual situation I was in regarding a diamond ring. A young woman came in to pick up her engagement ring. Her beau was living in Australia. She asked ever so gently, “I always dreamed of being asked ‘Will you marry me?’ in person. Would you mind?” So sweet, and of course, the diamond was definitely her Man’s best friend right then.


Happy Holidays!

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