Being discovered by Ellen…

Last week I tried to write something about Valentine’s Day from the male point-of-view. I thought it was pretty good, but when I showed it to a few people to critique it, the general feeling was that I should stick to selling diamonds and let the writers do the writing.

Gary Cohen, Jill and Jaqi at NY Giants Playoff Game 2012Instead, here’s a much more interesting and fun story that just happens to coincide with the New York Giants winning the Super Bowl.

In January I took my daughter Jaqi, and her friend Jill to the New York Giants / Atlanta Falcons home playoff game. Jill happens to be the daughter of a childhood friend of mine, whose father and my father have had tickets to the Giants going back to the 50′s. So, Jaqi and Jill are 3rd generation Giants fans. See the pic on the right. The one with his head cut off is me.

A few weeks later Jill decides to enter a contest on the Ellen DeGeneres Show to win a Super Bowl ticket.  They flew her to LA, she competes with a few other “Super” fans, and guess what – SHE WINS!!  Ellen put Jill and a Patriots fan on a plane to Indiana and the Super Bowl.

It’s hard to imagine anyone having a better time than Jill had last week. We haven’t stopped laughing yet, and Jill made us all very proud.

What does any of this have to do with Valentine’s Day? I have absolutely no idea. Probably nothing but it’s a good story. Also, each of the Giants will be getting a new diamond ring so maybe I can tie it in with that.

I wish you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day.

– Gary

Thank you Ellen DeGeneres Show for sharing this clip on YouTube

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